Skinfolds and Self-Grinding

As a continuation of the delightful skinfold discussion from Part One of this self-imposed winter hellcamp, I’ll say that I’m now down 5.5lbs, gone through 1.5L of vodka, and 75% of the cheese drawer.

Its the kind of progress that makes me wish I had done before/after pictures of the fridge.

I’ve pulled a little over 26 hours of stationary riding in the last 13 days, mixed in some skiing and running, and then usually finished off my days slinging around a kettlebell to strengthen the core. Luckily, Marco Pinotti’s book came along. It might be the only thing that gets me through another 5 days of stationary biking. If not for that, I might have had to go for an actual training ride…in the rain..with temperatures in the 40s. What am I, a pro?

At least I can take away from this experience a new PR for resting heart rate, 47, and a budding love affair with the World’s Greatest self massage tool (also, exfoliating…) I like to think, somewhere, there’s a Black and Decker sales manager getting an amazing bonus for getting this idea to go viral. I can’t wait until Team Sky gets their hands on these. Wiggo and Froome grinding each other down with a car buffer after every stage in the name of marginal gains would make for great television.

In bullshit news, Andy Jacques-Maynes seems to be both out of an arm and out of a job. I’m going to focus on the first, for personal reasons. This shit continues to be out of control. Seemingly, its open season for cyclists in America, with hit-and-run drivers going unpunished, even if it is 8am with lines of traffic watching it go down (*cough*).

Maybe I’ll get into that specific detail some other time.

I won’t even bother to tackle the insanity of what happens if anyone bothers to track down and arrest the driver. GoPro seemingly came along at the right time. Not because people want to make fun movies, but because its a necessary safety tool and a way to force the police to do their job. The next step is something like this, but I’m not sure an actual 9mm would stay in a jersey pocket very well.

Here’s to hoping AJM has a better 2013.

And just to leave things on a more positive note, I think I’ve found cycling’s answer to the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Meme: Vincenzo Nibali.


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